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Cashew Export Promotion Council of India

Associate Members

Associate Membership in the Council

The Cashew Export Promotion Council of India is pleased to offer annual Associate Membership to non-exporting firms, companies, co-operative societies or corporations, who are engaged in the manufacture, processing or conversion of cashew and allied products.  In the case of a leased factory, the lease has to be valid for the period of membership.  Both lessee and owner of the factory are eligible for Associate Membership.

The membership period will be one year (April – March), renewable every year, against application and requisite fees.

Associate Members are eligible to receive publications brought out by the Council and trade enquiries circulated by the Council.

Associate members are eligible to attend awareness programmes / seminars / workshops, etc. organized by the Council in India and also for listing in the Directory, published by the Council.

Approval of name is a pre-condition for enrolment as a member.  For name approval, please send the following particulars to the Council:-

1. Nature of the firm
2. Name(s) of Proprietor/Partners/ Directors
3. Association with any other organisation

Click here to download the application form for Assosiate Membership

Applications for Associate Membership may be submitted in the prescribed form enclosed along with the following documents:

a. Proof of being engaged in manufacturing / processing cashew and allied products 
(SSI Certificate / license conforming status as manufacturers / processors of cashew / allied products). In case the factory is leased, copy of lease agreement has also to be submitted.

b. Copy of the Rules & Regulations duly signed and affixed with your company’s seal.

Fees as mentioned below by means of a Demand Draft / Bank Transfer:

1. Entrance Fee - Rs. 3,000 /- +  18% GST
Annual Membership fee - Rs. 6,000 /- + 18% GST
Total: Rs. 10620/- (inclusive of GST)

d. Passport size Photo - 2 Nos.

Applications will be considered by the Committee of Administration of the Council and after approval of the Committee, respective Associate Membership Certificate will be issued.

The Cashew Export Promotion Council of India reserves the right to grant membership to the Council or otherwise.

The Cashew Export Promotion Council of India
Cashew Bhavan, Mundakkal West,
Kollam 691001, Kerala, India
Tel: +91 474 2742704
Contact Person: Mr. S Kannan, Executive Director & Secretary.

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