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Cashew Export Promotion Council of India


Membership in the CEPCI:

The Council has at present two types of Memberships,

1) Ordinary / Exporter Members     and 2) Associate Members    
Ordinary Membership in the Council

Any person, firm, Company or other Corporation who has exports of cashew kernels, cashew nut shell liquid or Cardanol during the previous 12 calendar months is eligible for admission as member of the Council in the person’s, firm’s, member or corporate or trade name, provided that no person, firm, company or Corporation shall be eligible for admission as a member of the Council if any claim or complaint arising out of foreign trade transaction approved by the Council pending against any such person, firm, company or other Corporation or if such person, firm, company or other corporation has been lawfully black listed by any authority. Minimum export quantity for membership eligibility will be as fixed by the Committee of the Administration of the Council from time to time. ( click here for details....)


Associate Membership in the Council

Those persons, firms, joint stock companies, co-operative societies, or corporations who are engaged in the manufacture, processing , trading or conversion of cashew and allied products like cashew kernels, CNSL, Cardanol, etc. and who are otherwise not qualified to be enrolled as members are eligible for admission as Associate Members of the Council.

The membership period will be one year (April – March), renewable every year, against application and requisite fees.  

Membership Applications will be considered by the Committee of Administration of the Council and after approval of the Committee, respective RCMCs will be issued.

The Cashew Export Promotion Council of India reserves the right to grant membership to the Council or otherwise.( click here for details....)




1. Membership period for the Associate members would be one year (April-    March).

2. Associate Members have to renew their membership every year by paying the required annual membership fee and submitting the prescribed application form along with proof of business in Cashew sector (SSI Certificate / license, export details, etc).

3. In the case of a leased factory, the lease has to be valid for the period of membership.

4. RCMC shall be issued to the Associate Members on application.

5. Associate Members are not eligible to be elected / nominated to the Committee of Administration or to attend General Body Meetings of the Council or to exercise any voting right.

6. If  an Associate Member  meets the criteria for becoming a Member of the     Council, his Membership will be changed from the Associate Member to     Ordinary Member at the next renewal or early as requested by the     Associate Member against remittance of requisite fees and submission of requisite documents.


The Cashew Export Promotion Council of India
Cashew Bhavan, Mundakkal West,
Kollam 691001, Kerala, India
Tel: +91 474 2742704
Contact Person: Mr. S Kannan, Executive Director & Secretary.

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