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Cashew Export Promotion Council of India

Supporting Membership


Considering the need for expanding the scope and services of the CEPCI, it has been decided to introduce a new category of Membership viz. Supporting Membership to include all the service Panel examined the detailed report submitted by the Sub-Committee for the Membership.  The compiled statement on the criteria for membership being followed by other EPCs was also circulated.  Considering the requests received from members and various details furnished in the Sub-Committee report, after a detailed discussion, the Panel recommended the minimum export requirement for membership as follows:

i)For Cashew Kernels  the minimum quantity required to be exported shall be 30 MT (2 containers)
ii)For Cashewnut Shell Liquid – the exported quantity of the item will be given  5 times weightage
iii)For Consumer Packs – the export quantity of the item will be given 15 times weightage
Members can either export any of the commodities listed above separately or in combination(CK and/ or CNSL and /or CP) to attain the 30 MT stipulated as the minimum quantity to apply for the exporter membership of the CEPCI.

1.1.    The Panel also suggested that if a member does not meet the minimum export quantity of the above items individually or in combination for one year, the membership may be cancelled or converted to Associate Membership if the firm so desires, without any entry fee and for which a separate application has to be submitted to the CEPCI. Subsequently, when the firm starts exporting the cashew products and apply for re-enrolling for membership within a period of three years, the entry fee may be waived.

1.2.The Panel also suggested that export figures collected from the members should be based on financial years, instead of calendar year to avoid reconciliation differences. The export figures are required to be certified by their Chartered Accountants.

1.5.         Considering the need for including the service providers for augmenting the promotional efforts of the CEPCI, the Panel recommended that Council may include other service providers of the industry as different category members.  Accordingly, necessary amendments are requested to accommodate the special category members as “Supporting Members” in the Memorandum and Articles of Association.  The categories recommended are:


Service providers




 Should have handled at least 30MT equivalent cashew products per year

in single or in combination during the last three years. The relevant documentary

proof to confirm the above may have to be produced to the CEPCI.


Quality Inspection Agencies


Shipping Lines


Custom House Agents




1.6.Panel also recommended an annual fee of Rs. 20,000+ applicable Service Tax for the above new category of membership.

The Cashew Export Promotion Council of India
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Contact Person: Smt. Renu S Nair, Executive Director & Secretary (I/C).

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